Man Registers Junk Car in Ex’s Name. Racks Up Over $100,000 in Parking Tickets. [VIDEO]

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Many relationships end badly. Some end so badly that one party feels the need to get some kind of vengeance on the other. In the case of Jennifer Fitzgerald and Brandon Preveau, that was taken to the extreme.

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Preveau bought a $600, junky Monte Carlo in 2008 while the couple was together. Unbeknownst to Fitzgerald, Preveau registered the car in her name. How exactly he pulled that off is a little unclear because I know I have a hard enough time registering my car in my own name.

A few months later, the couple broke up. Because the car was registered in Fitzgerald’s name, Preveau had an idea to stick it to his ex. Preveau parked the car in a restricted parking lot at O’Hare airport, where he worked for United Airlines.

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Each day, the car racked up as many as four city parking citations. Despite the fact that cars left unattended for more than 30 days in the lot are supposed to be towed, the tickets continued piling up for over three years.

The total parking bill? $105,761.80.

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Fitzgerald was unable to remove her name from the registration as she was unable to produce the car as it was in a restricted lot she was unable to access. So, with the help of a lawyer she filed a lawsuit against Preveau.

“I don’t even know where the room for all the tickets were. Where’d you put them all?” Judge Thomas Allen asked rhetorically in his Daley Center courtroom according to the Chicago Tribune.

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“As I read the complaint, it tells a very not uncommon story of people getting caught up in the Department of Administrative Hearings,” said Allen. “And then deadlines pass, and then they come to court trying to turn back the hands of time.”

“The other thing I see in the complaint is a ridiculous, robotic march to write tickets on a $600 junk car,” he said.

The city has since offered to allow Fitzgerald to settle her fines for a mere $4,460, which also includes $2,000 in fines that Fitzgerald has racked up on other vehicles over the years. However, she didn’t agree to that unless Preveau agreed to pay a large portion of that fine.

It’s unclear as to what finally happened in this case as the story goes cold after the initial court appearance, but we’re sure these crazy kids got it all worked out.