Man Pushes Birthday Gift BMW into River Because ‘It isn’t a Jaguar’ [VIDEO]

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For his birthday, one man’s parents decided to give him a car. The vehicle was a BMW M3, which most would consider an amazing gift. However, the man wanted a Jaguar instead. In an act of protest, the man seemingly decided he would destroy the car and pushed it into a river.

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Akash, the man celebrating his birthday, is from Haryana, which is located in northern India. According to a report by the Daily Mail, BMWs cost approximately 3.5 million rupees ($49,000) in that region while a Jaguar can cost about 5 million rupees ($70,000).

The car was a gift from Akash’s mother and father, but Akash really wanted a Jaguar instead of the BMW. He decided to push the BMW into a river, a moment that was recorded on video.

In the footage, the car can be seen floating in the water. Then, the BMW gets stuck after hitting a bank of tall grass.

Akash seems to regret his decision, hopping into the water to try and save the car.

A few other people in the area try to lend Akash a hand, jumping into the river to assess the situation and potentially helping him get the BMW out of the water.

Akash reportedly filmed the incident himself. The video made its way online and quickly went viral.

Many who have commented on the clip accuse Akash of being ungrateful.

“Your parents did not teach you the concept of gifts,” said one.

“Don’t know whoever this disappointed idiot is!” said another. “He should have sold it and taken care of thousands of poor kids education! They would have forever gratefully for his philanthropy! He missed it!”

Police are investigating the incident.