Man “Pranks” Paramedics by Faking a Stab Wound

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As a supposed “prank,” a man faked a stab wound and filmed the results. Paramedics arrived on scene prepared to act, thinking they were treating someone with a serious injury to the abdominal area. In the end, what appeared to be blood on his shirt and the ground near where he sat was something much more innocuous.

[Scroll down for video]

The man, who posted the video on the Facebook page, was uninjured. The pools of red liquid that initially appeared to be blood were, in fact, just Kool-Aid.

When paramedics arrived, the man did not immediately let them know that nothing was actually wrong. Instead, he feigned an injury, claiming “somebody stabbed me” and saying the incident took place “not too long ago.”

The “blood” is clearly visible on the ground, the man’s white tank top, and the hand he was holding over the supposed wound.

When a paramedic lifted the man’s shirt, he quickly saw there was nothing wrong. The man rolled away and appeared to be laughing. The person operating the video can also be heard chuckling as the first responders realize there isn’t an emergency taking place.

One of the paramedics even asks, “Why you playing?” as the prankster laughs.

While the first responders seem to handle the situation in stride, quickly packing up once the prank is revealed, commenters on the video weren’t so kind, pointing out that “someone else could’ve needed that kind of medical attention, but was delayed because of this foolishness.”

Some even expressed hopes that charges would be brought up against the man.

A first responder also chimed in, saying, “We paramedics and EMTs have better and more important things to do than play games! Please go find something more productive to do!”

It is not shown who placed the call requesting emergency services or whether the contact was made using 911. Contacting 911 for a non-emergency can result in criminal penalties, though the precise punishment varies from one state to the next.

h/t Dude Comedy