Man Praises Firefighters Who Saved American Flag from Burning Truck [VIDEO]

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A man is praising firefighters for going the extra mile after his pickup truck caught fire. Cory Gallagher was on his way home when his vehicle suddenly burst into flames, ultimately creating a raging inferno. Gallagher had to act quickly and decided to jump out of his truck, leaving the American flag his brother had given him to burn.

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According to a report by ABC News, the flag, a gift from his little brother, was on the back of Gallagher’s truck when the vehicle ignited.

Jared Guhl, a Henrietta, New York, firefighter who reported to the blaze, learned about the flag and decided to take action.

“I knew I had time before the fire made it back to the tail-end of the vehicle,” said Guhl in an interview. He approached the truck with caution.

“I made sure that the wind direction was blowing the right way,” Guhl continued, “and I wasn’t inhaling any smoke.”

Guhl then worked his way toward the flag, removing it from the fire.

Gallagher expressed his appreciation for the firefighter’s actions and stated that he intends to frame the tattered flag to serve as a symbol of overcoming adversity.

He intends to join the US Army.

“It’s said, but it’s still here,” said Gallagher. “That’s the thing that matters right now, is this flag is still here.”