Man on ‘Mobility Scooter’ Sets Himself on Fire Outside White House. Lockdown Initiated

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The White House was placed on lockdown on Friday – shortly after President Donald Trump spoke from the Roosevelt Room – after a man riding on a mobility scooter lit himself on fire just outside of the North Lawn. Secret Service agents swooped in to handle the situation and located a “suspicious package” nearby.

The incident took place not long after Trump spoke from the Roosevelt Room. As he was discussing the nation’s 5G network, smoke could reportedly be smelled by those in the West Wing.

Secret Service agents quickly responded to what was being labeled a “police/medical incident.”

Footage of the incident was captured. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Secret Service agents and law enforcement officers descended on the man’s location, quickly arresting him.

The man reportedly lit the jacket he was wearing on fire after he arrived at the location on Friday afternoon.

After the fire was extinguished, the man was provided with medical treatment for his injuries, which appeared to be non-life-threatening, and was transported to the hospital.

A suspicious package was also reportedly found near the suspect, who is believed to have mental health issues.

Trump was in the White House at the time of the incident but was said not to have been in any danger.

As a precaution, segments of Pennsylvania Avenue were closed to pedestrian traffic as well as a block of nearby 17th Street.

Daniel Kingery, a voter rights activist who witnessed the incident, said the man was holding his burning coat up and recording the scene, which he believes was some form of demonstration.

“He wasn’t obeying their order to put it down, so it was definitely some sort of a protest,” said Kingery.