Man Makes “Terrifying” Discovery in Puddle. Immediately Calls Police. Local Press Responds.

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The local police and local media responded after a man made a startling discovery outside of his music shop. According to the York Press, Tim Stark was unloading items in front of his shop when he saw something that deeply disturbed him in a puddle back in 2011 in Fossgate, England.


It turned out the object was a .22 caliber round. Stark immediately called the local police and local media, both of whom responded. The local press even sent a staff photographer to document the historic find for posterity.

According to local media (who, once again, sent a reporter to cover this story):


“I have no idea what it was doing there,” he said.

A police spokesman said the bullet had been put into safe storage, and confirmed it was not thought to be connected with any incident currently under investigation.


It’s a good thing it wasn’t connected to any investigations, you know, seeing as how it was an unfired bullet which has obviously never done anything except exist.


In many countries of the world, .22 Long Rifle (or LR) is one of the most common target practice and small game hunting rounds available on the market. It’s low cost, low weight, low recoil and relatively quiet report (compared to larger calibers) make it a favorite among millions of shooters across the globe.


Pistols in the popular caliber have been used for specialize purposed in the past by military and security agencies ranging from the Israeli Army to the CIA to the US Navy SEALs. Most of these applications deployed the round in small, suppressed firearms.