Man Lands Brewery Job With a Bottle of Beer

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Liam Tutty has two passions: home brewing and digital media. Combining the two has landed Mr. Tutty a nice job.

Liam sent bottles of beer out to prospcetive employers, particularly Rye River Brewing Company. The bottle is modeled on Mcargles, the company’s signature brew, but has Liam’s face and makes it clear he wants a job (and an excuse to go to a brewery every day). The bottle is filled with homebrew and a link to Liam’s website (Which is likewise beer themed), and was sent to Liam’s future boss Niall Phelan.


“My job wasn’t advertised but when I read about the expansion I felt sure they would have a place for me. I also thought if they didn’t the beer might stay in their mind and if a post come up at some point in the future they might think ‘who was that lunatic who sent us beer’.”

And he was right! Liam Tutty will be starting December 14th, and while he’s proud of his brewing skills, he plans to look for tips from the experts. Especially when they open that bottle.