Man is Caught On Camera Taking a $100 Bill From Child’s Hand In Walmart [VIDEO]

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The saying “taking candy from a baby” takes on a whole new meaning when adults steal from children. Oklahoma police are looking for a man who allegedly took a $100 bill from a child’s hand in a local Walmart.


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The unnamed man can be seen in the frame of the store’s security camera walking straight towards the child and taking the $100 bill from his hands.

The two patrons standing behind the mother and child begin to chuckle as they thought the man knew the family and was possibly the child’s father. Unfortunately, he was a stranger to the family.


The unsuspecting mother, who was with the child in the frame, placed the $100 bill on the counter while waiting to check out, and as children tend to do, the child grabbed the money and began playing with it.


The man boldly walked up to the child with the mother right next to him and brazenly grabbed the money, put it in his pocket, and calmly walked away. Police are now searching for the suspect who was wearing a black hoodie.

Police heading the investigation are investigating whether the two men behind the woman and child are possible accomplices of the thief.

Many who viewed the video argued that the mother should have been keeping a closer eye on the child – and the money. Especially a $100 bill.

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Others simply asked if the video was staged? How did the suspect know the child would end up with the money?


Oklahoma’s police department posted the video on March 9 in the hopes that someone will  be able to identify the suspect.

Maybe this was simply a case of a thief being in “the right place at the right time.” All we can hope is that anyone who would steal from a child will ultimately get what he deserves.