Man is Nearly Burned Alive After Throwing Bucket Full of Fire Starter onto BBQ [VIDEO]

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Video footage captured a man who was nearly burned to death while at a barbecue with family and friends after he added an entire bucket of fire starter to a grill that already had a steady flame. The man is reportedly recovering at a nearby hospital from the burns he sustained from the incident.

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The incident took place on April 1, in a small city near Sydney, Australia.

It’s unknown why the man in the video threw the additional fire starter onto his grill when he already had an impressive flame going.

The backyard grill had already had fresh wood added to it. Once lit, the unnamed man in the video grabs a blue bucket of what looks to be some form of fire starter.

Before he adds the liquid, the man looked at his buddies who were recording the event for a thumbs up before proceeding.

He throws the apparent accelerant onto the grill for it to blow up in his face — literally.

The flame seemingly engulfs the man before he manages to run out of the flames. He then retreats back to where his friends are and takes off his shirt as embers literally fall off him.

According to the Daily Mail, the man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is currently recovering.

It seems he has given new meaning to the term “great balls of fire.”