Man Impersonating Police Officer Pulls Over Van Full of Detectives

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On Friday, 25-year-old Valiery Portlock turned on a set of emergency lights and used an air horn in an attempt to pull over a van that was on a roadway that morning. The van did come to a stop, and those inside – a group of detectives – quickly determined that Portlock was pretending to be a police officer.

The incident occurred in Hicksville – a city on Long Island in New York – according to a report by Fox News. Portlock allegedly attempted to pull over a van that was traveling down a road, pretending that he was a police officer.

Portlock was driving a black Nissan Sentra at the time. He pulled up behind the van, activating his emergency lights and an air horn.

When the van – an unmarked police vehicle – came to a stop, Portlock made a startling discovery. The vehicle was filled with detectives, all members of the Nassau County Police Department’s electronics squad. As the detectives exited the van, they identified themselves and made their way toward Portlock’s vehicle.

Once the detectives identified themselves, Portlock reportedly tried to flee the scene of the incident. Local authorities say that Portlock drove away in his vehicle. While doing so, he swerved into oncoming traffic.

Portlock sped off to the Long Island Expressway. He was eventually stopped by the highway patrol.

After being stopped, Portlock was arrested without further incident. He faces charges of criminal impersonation in the first degree, unlawfully fleeing from the police, and reckless endangerment second degree

After an arraignment on Saturday, Portlock was released on his own recognizance.