Man Goes on Chainsaw Rampage, Injuring 5, Over Health Insurance [video]

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Swiss police are hunting a man who they say went on a rampage with a chainsaw that left five injured. Franz Wrousis, 51, went to the insurance firm of CSS-Krankenkasse in Schaffausen and targeted employees. The insurance firm reportedly had denied him payment on an insurance claim.

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Wrousis had previous weapons convictions. He is still on the loose, and police have advised the citizens of Schaffausen to shelter in place.

The Daily Mail is reporting that he’s believed to have been driving a Volkswagen Caddy. He is believed to still be in Schaffhausen, a town of nearly 35,000 in northern Switzerland.

Wrousis is reportedly a schizophrenic. The insurance firm he attacked provided his medical coverage. Wrousis had been living in the woods and had no fixed address.

Though the attack centered on the insurance agency, Wrousis may have attacked others before entering the building. Witnesses say he cut one man outside of a bookstore, and there may have been others. While no one has died, the injuries as a result of the chainsaw attack were serious.

“We can confirm that a man with a chainsaw came into the agency and seriously wounded two of our employees,” said Christina Wettstein, a spokeswoman for the company. “They are undergoing operations at the moment and we don’t know how they are.”

The other people may have been bystanders. At this point, their identity remains unclear.

The police have been moving street to street in the picturesque Swiss town, clearing buildings looking for the attacker. As buildings are being cleared, the population is being evacuated from the immediate area.