Man Gets Two Obituaries in Paper. One From His Wife, One From His Girlfriend.

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A Philadelphia man had not one, but two eulogies in the Philly Voice, his local newspaper, after the paper received submissions from both his wife and his girlfriend. Awkward.


The Philly Voice ended up putting the wife’s obituary on top, reading:

Black, Leroy Bill – 55 of Egg Harbor Township died August 2, 2016 at home surrounded by his family. He was born September 30, 1960 to Ethlyn and Wilfred Black. He is survived by his loving wife, Bearettea Harrison Black and his son, Jazz Black. He was also a farhter to Malcom and Josiah Harrison Fitzpatrick.


Just below that, the girlfriend’s obituary submission reads:

Black, Leroy “Blast” – 55 of Egg Harbor Township, passed away at home on August 2, 2016 from cancer of the lungs due to fiberglass exposure. He is survived by his son, Jazz Black; siblings, Donald, Faye “Cherry”, Audrey “Marcia”, Sandra “RoseMarie” and a host of other family, friends and neighbors; and his longtime girlfriend, Princess Hall.


Web denizens were quick to point out that Princess Hall, Black’s girlfriend, appeared to be using the obituary to start a lawsuit against his longtime employer by saying he died “from cancer of the lungs due to fiberglass exposure.”

Black had worked for years as a Fiberglass technician for Ocean City Water Park and South Shores Contractors, but his family makes no mention of this in their obituary.


A spokesman from the funeral home said that family was aware of the second obituary ahead of time. There is no word on whether there will be two funerals as well.