Man Gets His McLaren Impounded 10 Minutes After Driving It Off the Lot

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Most people are pretty excited when they drive their new car off the lot, particularly if that new vehicle is a McLaren 600LT. One 39-year-old man let his enthusiasm for getting his car on the road overtake him and, within 10 minutes of hitting the road, got pulled over by a law enforcement officer for speeding.

The man purchased his McLaren 600LT from a dealer in West Vancouver, Canada, on June 17, according to a report by Jalopnik. Mere minutes after leaving the lot, a police officer spotted the man driving down the road at an excessive rate of speed.

Just after 10:00 pm local time, the police officer clocked the new McLaren owner at 161 kph (100 mph). The speed limit on that stretch of road was 90 kph (55 mph).

The man was driving 71 kph (43 mph) over the speed limit, approximately.

When the police officer pulled the man over near Cypress Bowl Road, he learned that the driver had only been in possession of the McLaren 600LT for about 10 minutes, and had just left the dealership.

Based on how fast the man was driving his $250,000 CAD supercar, the officer elected to have the vehicle impounded.

The car was in the impound for about one week. The driver also received a $368 ticket for his excessive rate of speed.

After the incident, West Vancouver Police Constable Kevin Goodmurphy took a moment to remind drivers to watch their speed while on the road.

“Your life is worth it,” said Goodmurphy.