Man Enters Dental Office to Kill Wife, Is Shot Multiple Times by Armed Patient

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This story doesn’t have a happy ending, but it ends better than many similar stories. A domestic dispute erupted in violence when a husband showed up at the dentist’s office where his wife worked. He shot her. A patient, though, was also armed. Before the husband could shoot anyone else, the patient shot him.

The incident happened Wednesday morning in Kingsport, Tennessee.  Harry Weaver, 63, entered the office just after 9:30 and opened fire. He shot his wife, Kelly Weaver, 52.

The patient, Larry Seagroves, was legally carrying a concealed handgun. He witnessed the man storm into the office, and rush to the back. When Seagroves heard shots, he immediately responded and shot the suspect multiple times.

Reports indicate that Harry Weaver survived the incident. The patient who shot him then held the man until police arrived.

The suspect’s wife, Kelly Weaver, did not survive. She was transported to a local hospital, but died before she arrived.

Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy spoke to reporters after the incident. “A concealed carry permit holder saw the threat,” he said, and “took action on the threat and stood by until officers arrived. We’re calling him a hero today.”

The Sheriff noted that the immediacy of the response helped to keep the shooting contained. While there was one victim, there could have been more if the armed man had not been prepared to act as he did.

The first deputy on the scene arrived six minutes after the initial 911 call. Police and Highway Patrol quickly followed, but the shooting had taken place in a matter of seconds.

Harry Weaver, who is still hospitalized, has been charged with first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault.

Seagroves, like many others who carry concealed, acted to protect himself and those around him. Though he has now been identified, he is avoiding media.