Man Divorces Wife After Discovering Picture on Google Maps That Shows Her Cheating

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A man was using Google Maps street view to explore tourist destinations, hoping to find a great location for his next vacation with his wife. As he was perusing the images, he spotted a woman sitting on a bench who was wearing a familiar looking outfit. After a moment, he realized it was indeed his wife.

The husband was using Google Maps street view to explore the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco, Peru, according to a report by People.

He came across an image of a woman who was sitting on a bench along with a man who was laid across the seat with his head in the woman’s lap.

While the faces of the two people are blurred, as is Google’s standard practice, the husband recognized the outfit the woman was wearing and, after considering the woman’s physical characteristics, quickly deduced that it was his wife.

In the picture, the woman appears to be stroking the hair of the man who is reclining in her lap, which led the husband to believe his wife was cheating when the photo was taken.

While the photo was taken in 2013, the husband decided to confront his wife, who admitted to cheating on him.

Reportedly, the couple is now officially divorced.

Google uses cars with multi-lens cameras mounted to the top to capture the images used on street view. Often, those who end up in the photos are unaware that their picture was even taken.