Man Sues Police After They Hid 40,000 Messages from ‘Victim’ That Proved His Innocence in Rape Case

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Liam Allan, a man who was accused of rape but recently cleared on all charges, is suing local law enforcement and prosecutors after they failed to disclose 40,000 messages from his accuser that would have proved his innocence. Allan felt trapped in “a terrible limbo” during the investigation, facing a jail sentence of up to 20 years if found guilty.

Allan, a 22-year-old resident of southeast London and current criminology student, was accused of a dozen rapes and sexual assaults, but the case was dropped when evidence in the form of a computer disk that held 40,000 texts showed his accuser had requested “casual sex” from him repeatedly.

According to a report by the Coventry Telegraph, he stated that he had “no choice” but to sue the police department and the Crown Prosecution Service

Speaking about the impact of the allegations, Allan said, “University is meant to be the best years of your life and the last two years have been spent worrying and not concentrating on anything.”

“It has completely ripped apart my normal personal life,” Allan added. “I feel relief on one side, that the case is over, but now there’s the stress of getting compensation and the process of suing, so it’s not over completely.”

The charges against Allan arose after an investigation was conducted by Metropolitan Police.

Allan always maintained that he and the alleged victim had consensual sex, and his lawyers had made repeated requests to examine the evidence, though state that the requests were refused based on the lack of information relevant to the case.

Lead barrister Jerry Hayes, who was newly-appointed to the case as a prosecutor, discovered the messages after he ordered law enforcement to provide all of the telephone records.

According to a report by The Mirror, the texts showed the woman requesting “casual sex” from Allan and discussing how much she enjoyed sleeping with Allan with friends.

Allan was declared not guilty on all counts by Judge Peter Gower, who also demanded the incident be investigated “ at the very highest level.”

Gower added, “Something has gone very, very wrong in the way this case was investigated and brought to court.”

Scotland Yard has asserted that an “urgent assessment” is underway.