Man Catches Fire After Being Tased by Security Guards [VIDEO]

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The Taser has become a go-to for police and security officers world-wide. They hurt like hell, and are generally effective at subduing those on the receiving end of the jolt, but they are rarely fatal. They are not supposed to set anyone on fire, as happened here. The man who got tased not only took the blast from the electricity, but then had to contend with a conflagration.

The incident happened outside of a bar in South Philadelphia, Friday night. “Pat Tackney, who managed to capture the entire incident on film said the encounter occurred when the man refused to leave Jim’s Steaks and ended up having to be dragged out by security,” The Daily Mail writes.

The video shows two security guards arguing with the man. He isn’t compliant, and the scuffle ends when one guard uses his Taser to subdue him.

The man’s muscles locked up when the current hit him, and he went rigid. Almost immediately, he ignited.

“So I witnessed a man catch fire after being tased last night…” Tackney wrote on Twitter.

The flames erupt over his legs, and burn bright orange, before they go out.

“So far, neither Jim’s Steaks or the Philadelphia Police Department have commented on the incident,” DM notes. In fact, the police say they were not called about the incident.

The president of the restaurant, Ken Silver, has seen the footage, and notes that the incident was caught on their cameras, too.  That footage may show more of what led up to the scuffle and what transpired after.

“We are currently reviewing the after-store-hours incident that occurred outside of Jim’s South St. early morning on February 2, 2019,” Silver said in a statement.

“We are and will continue to cooperate fully with the Philadelphia Police Department as needed. We take the safety of our customers and employees very seriously and work dutifully to safeguard their well-being. In doing so we will continue operate with the highest standards as a local merchant, employer and neighbor.”

The man’s pants may have had something spilled on them before the use of the Taser. It is also possible that the cotton of his jeans may have ignited. Cotton lint is highly flammable, though it is uncommon for a Taser to ignite material, and the intensity of the orange flame seems to suggest an accelerant, and not cotton.

The Daily Mail notes that “15 people have caught fire upon being stunned with a Taser, five of whom later died.”