Man Built Entire Car Out of Snow. It Was So Good Cops Wrote it a “Ticket”

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On Monday, Simon Laprise decided to play a trick on area snow removers. The 33-year-old artist and machinist created a full-size “car” using only snow, lining up his faux vehicle with the curb along a roadway. He modeled the design after the DeLorean DMC-12, a car that garnered attention for its role in the Back to the Future films.

While snow removers were his target, Laprise, who is based out of Montreal, Canada, instead caught the attention of local law enforcement with his snow car, which featured a real windshield wiper Laprise had picked up and placed on his DeLorean sculpture.

A police offer approached the snow car, as it was located in an area slated for snow removal, possibly with the intention of writing a ticket.

The cop investigated the vehicle, only to discover he had been duped by Laprise’s design.

The officer apparently had a sense of humor, deciding to write a “ticket” that read, “You made our night!!! Hahahahaha :)”

Laprise captured some images of the cop approaching the vehicle, as well as the note that was left by the officer, and shared them in a post on Facebook with a simple comment: “muhahaha.”

When the snow removers arrived the next morning, they ultimately weren’t fooled by Laprise’s DeLorean snow sculpture, as it was completely destroyed as they cleared the street.

h/t Breitbart