Man Builds Working ‘Gundam’ Robot to Live Out Anime Dreams

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Masaaki Nagumo, a 44-year-old engineer, is a die-hard fan of “Gundam,” an incredibly popular anime series featuring a giant robot. He had dreamed of piloting one of the enormous mechanical marvels himself, so he decided to build one as a means of making his dream come true. The end result was a 30-foot behemoth that weighs over 7 tons.

Nagumo built the two-legged “Landwalker Mononofu, or “LW-Mononofu,” humanoid robot on his own.

From inside the cockpit, according to a report by ABC News, he can control the arms and feet of the robot using multiple levers and monitors, as well as an air gun that fires sponge balls at an astonishing 86 mph.

The fingers can be moved, and the upper body rotates. The LW-Mononofu can also walk forward and backward, though has a top speed below 1 km per hour.

“As an anime-inspired robot that one can ride,” said Nagumo, “I think this is the biggest in the world.”

The robot is so tall that it can’t exit the factory in one piece, as it is taller than the doorway.

Nagumo is an employee of Sakakibara Kikai, a farming machinery manufacturers that is also in the business of creating robots and amusement machines.

People can also take a spin in the LW-Mononofu, along with a range of other robots, for a price of around $930 per hour.

Kid-sized robots have also been constructed by the company, which rents them out for birthday parties and similar forms of entertainment.

Nagumo hopes that other fans of “Gundam,” which is one of the most popular anime franchises in Japan, can live out their robot-driving fantasies, just like he has been able to do once his creation was complete.