Man Arrested Planting Bomb on Confederate Statue Because “I don’t like that guy”

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The furor over Confederate statues and memorials continues to get more extreme. Many are protesting the statues. Others are tearing in them down is anarchic displays of mob violence. Now one man has been arrested for allegedly attempting to plant a bomb a Confederate statue in a city park.

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Andrew Schneck, a man with a history of explosives related convictions, was found crouching beside a statue of Richard Dowling, a Confederate soldier, in Hermann Park in Houston, Texas.

A park ranger saw Schneck beside the statue, hiding in the bushes. He had two boxes of wires and tape. He was also carrying a bottle filled with what is believed to be a mixture of nitroglycerin and Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine.

When confronted by the ranger, Schneck tried to drink the liquid. He didn’t get it down, though, and he spit it out on the ground.

When asked by authorities why he was attempting to blow up the statue, Schneck admitted that he doesn’t “like that guy.”

When the police arrived and assessed the situation, they found that the ingredients Schneck had on hand were enough to make a viable bomb.

The items were capable of producing a viable explosive device’, according to a criminal complaint.

All of this happened on Saturday. Today, the FBI raided a house near¬† Schneck’s parents’ residence. Multiple homes in the area were evacuated after the FBI found “significant hazardous materials.”

This was just the latest dust-up in the Confederate controversy for the Lone Star State. Overnight, administrators at the University of Texas in Austin had four statues of Confederates removed from the campus. The removal occurred in modest secrecy, and under the cover of darkness, as a way of preempting any controversial clashes over their presence, or their removal.

Is it a prudent move? Many of the protesters simply want the monuments taken down. Others are willing to take matters into their own hands to destroy the monuments. And now Schneck’s attempt to blow up this one marks a new low to which those opposed are willing to stoop.