Man Arrested for Choking Driver Who Wouldn’t Stop Singing Christmas Carols

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While the Christmas season is long over, one man was apparently still in the grips of the holiday spirit. As he was singing Christmas carols as he drove, 25-year-old Clayton Lucas, his passenger, wasn’t as overcome with holiday-oriented joy. Lucas became so frustrated that he reached over to the driver and began choking him.

The incident took place on Monday at approximately 9:00 am. According to a report by KDKA, the man was driving with Lucas – heading south in East Deer Township, Pennsylvania – when Lucas choked him.

A state trooper was waved down and informed of a possible medical emergency along Route 28 just before the on-ramp for Exit 13. The trooper found a Chrysler Town and Country minivan pulled over on the shoulder and spotted two men standing outside the vehicle on the far side of a guard rail.

When he arrived at the scene, the victim told the trooper that he was driving the Chrysler and that Lucas was his passenger. The man said Lucas had reached around the seat while he was driving the minivan and started choking him.

As he tried to handcuff Lucas, the trooper said Lucas would not listen to his instructions. After issuing several verbal commands, which Lucas ignored, the trooper swept Lucas’ legs to gain control over the situation.

The victim said that, as he was driving, he was singing Christmas carols, and that Lucas started choking him to try and make him stop.

He went on to tell the trooper that Lucas had managed to restrict both blood and airflow, and that he nearly passed out.

The trooper noted that the victim had bloodshot eyes and that his neck was red.

Lucas was taken into custody and booked into Allegheny County Jail.