Man Arrested After ‘Star Wars’ vs. ‘Star Trek’ Argument Turns Into a Knife Fight

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The debate over which franchise is better, “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” has raged on for decades. Two roommates in Oklahoma City began discussing the issue when the verbal dispute took a turn. The disagreement led to a physical altercation, with one of the men ultimately being arrested for assault.

As reported by ABC News, Jerome Whyte, 23, was home with his roommate when they began debating whether “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” was a better movie franchise.

The roommate headed back towards his bedroom, with Whyte saying, “You’re just a trick,” as his roommate walked away.

Whyte continued to follow his roommate into the room, allegedly starting the physical portion of the altercation by pushing the other man to the ground.

According to the police report filed July 1 with the Oklahoma City Police, during the struggle, Whyte began choking his roommate. As said in the report, the roommate “was fearing for his life” leading him to reach for a nearby “pocket knife” located on the nightstand.

Whyte was cut during the fight and left the room after sustaining the injury.

Based on the reports about the altercation, Whyte was determined by the local police to be the aggressor in the fight. He was booked on assault charges.

Whyte also had additional outstanding warrants, including one for possession of marijuana.

Whyte was taken into custody and has a bond set at $4,000. According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, Whyte’s hearing is set for July 27, and he did not immediately obtain the services of an attorney. Whyte may qualify for a public defender.

Based on the report filed with the Oklahoma City Police Department, it is not known which man argued for which films.