Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Groin in Walmart Meat Department

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There’s a lot to be said for a well-made holster. Many who carry concealed handguns rely on the protection of leather or kydex tucked inside their waistbands to securely hold their pistols. Very few lawfully armed citizens simply jam their guns into their pants, and this story here is a great example of why it is a bad idea.

The police in Buckeye, Arizona are calling the incident a “self-inflicted accidental shooting.” It happened in a Walmart in Buckeye, Tuesday evening.

It isn’t clear why the man had his gun shoved into his pants without a holster. There is no indication that his purposes were nefarious. Still, he had difficulty controlling the gun.

When it began to slip into his pants, he attempted to make some adjustments. In doing so, the man violated several basic rules of guns safety, including this fundamental: “Always keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.”

It was this salient point, though, that has attracted viral attention: “Never point the gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy.”

In his rush to keep the pistol in place in his pants, he put a finger on the trigger. Unfortunately the gun, at that moment, was pointed at something he had not intended to destroy.

“Adult male accidentally shot himself in the groin area inside the Walmart Watson & Yuma,” The Buckeye PD tweeted. “Being transported to hospital. No other injuries.”

The police on the scene found the man in the meat section of the store. The man was conscious and was able to explain to the police, all of whom had their guns safely in their holsters, that the shooting was an accident.

The police still cited the man for an unlawful discharge of a firearm. It remains unclear if authorities will press charges, or simply allow the indignity of the incident to stand as punishment.

As for the shooter, he remains anonymous. Various reports indicate that the self-inflicted wound was to his groin. His condition is unknown, though witnesses to the shooting described the injury as “survivable.”