Man, 34, who Impregnated 10-year-old Gets 160 Year Sentence

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A 34-year-old man who found guilty of raping his girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter has just received his sentence. After he faced harsh judgement for impregnating the 10-year-old, he will face 160 years in prison. Just what role the girl’s mother played in this crime remains uncertain, but may come to light as she is now facing charges.

Nicholas Deon Thrash was sentenced Thursday in Marion, Indianapolis. “He was found guilty of 10 counts of molestation against his girlfriend’s daughter in August this year,” The Daily Mail writes.

The story is complicated enough as it is. Thrash repeatedly raped the girl and she ended up pregnant. Now, her mother is facing scrutiny after authorities alleged that she urged the girl to lie and say “a classmate had impregnated her when she discovered her growing bump as she tried on dresses for a school dance.”

The girl is now 12. She gave birth to a boy in September of 2017. Thrash has acknowledged that he is the father, though he maintains his innocence. He claims the mother inseminated the daughter using his sperm.

“Earlier this year, during his trial, the rapist had to be removed from court after shouting lies about the victim to the jury,” DM adds.

Yet the girl testified against Thrash. “She clutched a stuffed animal to her chest as she told the jury how he had attacked her at least 15 times,” DM notes.

The girl’s mother has been charged with neglect. While she has been implicated in the coverup of the crime’s aftermath, what she knew about the rapes as they were occurring remains unsaid.

That is expected to come to light when she appears in court to face her charges of neglect. The mother was clearly aware of the pregnancy itself, as she directed the daughter to lie, but it is unclear were she was in her relationship with Thrash, or why she tried to get her daughter to lie to protect him.

Regardless, 160 years is a symbolic sentence. How much will the mother end up facing?