Male Model Fabio Says California is a Mess Because of Liberal Politicians [VIDEO]

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The famous Italian-born male model Fabio recently appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where he told Carlson that “California is a mess” due to liberal politicians and policies. Fabio, who recently became a US citizen after living in California for years on a visa, was surprisingly candid in the interview.


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Jerry Brown (D), the governor of the state, is a confessed liberal in a state largely influenced by celebrities and millionaires who lean to the far left. Brown’s newest liberal bill? Prop 57.

Fabio, a man who has been the face on the cover of countless romance novels, says he has a problem with the Prop 57 bill.


“If you check Prop 57, the majority of criminals there are sex offenders, child molesters, human trafficking, sex with minors, assault with a deadly weapon,” he told Carlson. “We have to take the law’s side. We have to stand behind the police, behind the law enforcement, not behind the criminal.”


Carlson quickly shifted gears to a topic that Fabio is very passionate about, the “epidemic” of crime in his state. “Out of my friends, about 14 people got burglarized or robbed” he explained. California has had an increase in home burglaries as of late.


Fabio has had enough of it and is concerned for his safety and the safety of his loved ones in the area. This is one of the main reasons he is against the governor’s liberal Prop 57, a bill that aims to shrink prison populations in the state by releasing non-violent criminals.


Fabio used the argument that if someone broke into your home with a weapon and the intent to do anything necessary to take your belongings, the law would charge him with aggravated burglary, and he wouldn’t be granted an early release.

But what if no one was home during the burglary? Law enforcement has no way of knowing if there was a weapon or if the criminal would have been violent. He’s arrested for simple burglary and under Prop 57, he’s released. Now a violent criminal is back on the streets ready to do the same thing.


While Fabio may not be known as a political force in California, he has lived in California for fourteen years and is able to discuss the negative changes he’s seen since liberals have run the state. If a man who has traveled the world and seen everything says California is in trouble, we’re going to believe him.