Maine “Lobstah” Boat Crew Rescues One-Eyed Bald Eagle from Ocean

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The crew of a lobster boat demonstrated American ingenuity after they discovered an eagle struggling in the water. John Chipman stated the bird seemed relieved when his vessel drew closer and even attempted to jump on board. Chipman and the two other crew members fashioned a raft from available supplies and used the makeshift craft to rescue the eagle.

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As reported by ABC News, Chipman, along with retired police officers Kevin Meany and Michelle Ritzema, saw the waterlogged eagle stranded in the water approximately a quarter mile off the coast of Maine, near Schoodic Island.

Discussing the incident, Chipman stated, “The way [the eagle] was acting, I knew that he wanted help. He seemed to try to come to the boat on his own and tried to get in. He wanted out of the water.”

To facilitate the rescue, Chipman, Meaney, and Ritzema created a raft using a life preserver, some plywood, and rope.

They sent the raft out to the eagle who quickly jumped on board. The raft was then pulled onto the stern of the vessel, giving the bird a place to dry off.

Once the eagle was onboard, it was discovered that it was missing an eye. Chipman originally intended to give the bird to local game wardens for additional care, but the eagle took flight as soon as it was able.