Mailman Caught on Camera Pepper Spraying Two Harmless Dogs While Owner Watches Live on His Phone

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A homeowner witnessed a horrifying moment unfold in real-time after his home’s Ring doorbell camera alerted him to movement on his property. As the mailman delivered some letters, he pepper sprayed the man’s two dogs, who were contained behind a metal gate and posed no threat to the mailman, all while the helpless owner watched on a live feed.

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The incident took place on May 21 at a home in Upper Arlington, Ohio, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Tom Martin, the homeowner, helplessly watched after his phone alerted him to motion near his front door and he began viewing the live video feed.

“I saw him spraying his pepper spray underneath the gate,” said Martin. “Leaning down, spraying his pepper spray.”

As the mailman approached the home’s mailbox, which is located near the garage, he pulls out a can of pepper spray. Then, he sprays the dogs, which were secured behind a fence, both of which were posing no real threat to the US Postal Service worker.

When the mailman begins to walk away, the dogs break their silence and start to bark, likely due to being hit with the irritating substance.

“I was devastated. I was mad. I almost went ballistic,” said Martin. “How could anybody do that? Why would anyone want to do that? The dogs don’t even bark until the mail carrier walked away.”

Martin posted the video, which was captured by his doorbell camera, online, stating, “I received a notice on my video doorbell that there was motion. I logged in to notice my mail carrier was spraying pepper spray at the gate to my courtyard with my three dogs on the other side.”

“The dogs were not barking until he started spraying,” he continued. “The mailbox is forty feet from the gate. As he walked away he stopped, turned around to admire his handy work, then went on delivering the mail.”

Martin also notified his local post office of the incident, receiving a reply nine days later that said that an investigation was being launched.

“The Postal Service is currently investigating the complaint,” said the statement from the post office, “and depending on the results of this investigation, appropriate corrective action will be taken.”

Martin contacted the local police department as well. As he was speaking with authorities, the mailman returned to his home claiming he felt threatened by the dogs and noting that he was being assigned to a different delivery route.