“Mad Pooper” – Police Hunting Female Jogger Who Repeatedly Relieves Herself in Family’s Yard [VIDEO]

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There is no polite way to introduce this story. It is a bizarre tale about a female jogger defecating on a family’s lawn. Police have hilariously dubbed her the “mad pooper.” For this to happen once would be bad enough, but the jogger has done this once a week for almost two months.

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The homeowner of the Colorado Springs lawn that is being defecated on, Cathy Budde, said her children came running to her room one day yelling, “There’s a lady taking a poop!” Budde told KKTV that she went to investigate and sure enough witnessed the women mid-squat. Budde, as you might imagine, said, “Are you serious?”

You would think the woman would realize it’s time to do her business elsewhere once the kids started yelling . But no, she continued doing her dirty deed even as Budde came out and spoke to her.

“Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids!?” she asked. “Yeah, sorry!” the woman replied as if this was a normal occurrence.

What drives Budde crazy is that there is a public bathroom in a nearby park she could use. Budde told authorities about the situation, but unless they capture her in the act, there is little they can do.

Budde has discovered that the woman actually carries paper towels in her running pants to clean herself with after defecating. But instead of using the towels to pick up her mess, the phantom pooper lays the towels on top of her bowel movements. At least she tries to cover it up!

Budde’s detective work doesn’t stop there though. According to the Daily Mail, Budde has been taking pictures of the woman as she takes her daily runs in hopes of having police positively identify her.

The situation has gotten so out of hand that Budde has to put a sign on her house reading in part: “To the female jogger that continuously uses our walkway as her toilet: Please stop immediately! You have already exposed yourself to our children and the police have been contacted.”

If the jogger is identified and captured by police, the mad pooper could face indecent exposure charges. Let’s just hope that whatever was causing her to do this has run its course.