Grandmother Gets Into Lyft Car With Wad of Cash. Driver Instantly Had a Bad Feeling About It [VIDEO]

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There’s an element of trust required of cabbies, and Uber drivers. Letting someone into your car, especially a stranger, would be too daunting for many drivers. Some of the drivers, though, take professionalism to the next level and keep a watchful eye on their passengers–not for signs of danger, but signs that the strangers may need help. Consider this example from Phoenix, Arizona.

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This Lyft driver picked up a passenger and immediately knew something was a bit off. John Young told CBS 5 that his passenger was carrying way too much cash for her own safety.

Carol Williams, who got in the car with Young,  works at a Michael’s in Phoenix. She had found a car on Craigslist and was on her way to do the test-drive. And she’d brought $4,800 in cash with her to buy it.


Young wasn’t convinced that Williams should take such a risk. Carrying cash to meet random people off of Craigslist is a risky behavior. While $4,800 may not seem like much money to some, yet it is more than enough to get someone in trouble.

So Young decided he’d stay with Williams through the transaction, and act as her “friend.”


“You hear the stories about people being in these situations like that and I just thought I’d be there for her. I shut off my app and I said, ‘Now I am your friend. We’re here together, so you won’t be alone while we are making this deal.’”

After making sure the deal was legit, Young helped Williams through the test drive. He even talked the seller down $300 off his asking price.


When it was all wrapped up, and Williams was home, she wanted to thank Young for the kindness of his gesture.

“I wanted to thank you for what you did for me the other day when you took me to buy the car. I told you my family was worried about me being alone in the car with money and a stranger.”


As a sign of her gratitude, Williams gave Young “the biggest tip she has ever given a cab driver.” The $500 gratuity is more than Young has ever been tipped, and more than he’d hoped for this holiday season.