Luxury Hotel is Looking for an Intern to Look After Turtles. Really.

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Talk about a dream job. A luxury hotel is working alongside the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre to bring in an intern for two weeks to look after turtles. To make the idea even sweeter, plane ticket, food and housing will all be covered. The position will start in August and will include learning from veterinary experts.

The lucky one chosen will stay at the Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort, which is located in the Maldives. To be considered for the position, applicants must submit a 500-word cover letter and a 2-3 minute video explaining why they’re the best person for the position, according to their website.

If there is any downside in all of this, it’s the lack of pay. But considering the winner will be staying in a resort for absolutely free, there shouldn’t be too many complaints. A typical two-week vacation to the much sought-after resort can run anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000.

Interns will be working alongside Dr. Claire Petros, UK’s leading turtle veterinary surgeon, according to

Along with learning from some of the top veterinarians in the world, interns will also be expected to handle a social media account uploading photos detailing their experience with the sea life.

In addition to handling social media, the intern will also attend rescue missions for turtles in distress. In their time off, the intern will enjoy the full amenities of the resort including a sunset cruise, diving, dolphin watching, and snorkeling, Business Insider reported.

For food, the winning intern will have the pleasure of eating at Coco Palm’s Cowrie restaurant for breakfast, lunch and a buffet style dinner.

People who are interested in this opportunity can apply on their website from June 11th until June 31st.

Sadly, though, only people who live in the United Kingdom are able to apply for the position. The Olive Ridley Project, who founded the Coco Palm’s Marine Turtle Rescue Centre, will be announcing the winner after the deadline.