Lumbering, Shadowy Figure Captured on CCTV Leaving Scene of Mysterious Stabbing of Elderly Woman

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When a 71-year-old woman was stabbed in the neck inside her home in an affluent suburb, police struggled to find a suspect.  Now CCTV footage has provided them with some information. The images from the camera show a shadowy figure lurking outside the woman’s home and police are asking for help identifying the man.

Kay Thomasson was murdered inside her home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, on June 27. The neighborhood outside of Atlanta is known for its affluence and relative tranquility. Now, though, the Sandy Springs Police are hunting Ms Thomasson’s killer.

The footage hasn’t proved conclusive in a facial recognition, but police are hoping something about the man seems familiar to viewers.

“They also issued a $100,000 reward for information leading to her killer being convicted,” The Daily Mail writes.

“Detectives were still trying to identify a suspect, only having the description of a black man of medium build so far.”

In addition to the murder, Ms Thomasson’s black 2012 Kia Sorrento was also stolen. The car was found in another suburb of the city, three days after the murder, abandoned at an apartment complex.

“We want this guy bad. $100,000 speaks for itself on how serious we are in solving this case,” deputy police chief Keith Zgonc said.

“The massive reward is the biggest the department has ever offered in its 12-year history and police hoped it would encourage witnesses to come forward,” DM adds.

Katie Gryglas, Ms Thomasson’s daughter, went public after the murder and spoke on behalf of her mother. Gryglas is asking for anyone with information to do the right thing and come forward.

“Our mom is a loving member of this community for over 40 years. We know this is a community that takes care of their neighbors,” she said.

“We’re asking that you help take care of someone who mattered greatly to us. She would have done anything for anybody, so please, if you know anything, come forward (with) anything you might know. Thank you.”