Low Clearance and A Big Truck Leads To Never-Ending Crashes [VIDEO]

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Everyone loves to see someone else mess up. It’s in our nature and we are always perusing the web looking for stupid road rage fights and weird car accidents. Over the years, YouTube has become a haven for these videos and they garner a lot of attention. However, one site took this to a whole other level.


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In Durham, North Carolina, there lies the 11 foot-8 inch underpass, which has an outstanding reputation on the internet and in history. Over the many years, this infamous underpass has claimed the tops of hundreds of trucks that dared to pass through. It creates a can opener effect as the trucks pass through, which, of course, makes for great videos.

Jürgen Henn, a local resident, has taken it upon himself to document all of the crashes that occur at the underpass on his website, Here are a few of the crashes he has caught out of the hundreds he’s recorded –

As you can see, the underpass takes no prisoners with this utility truck, but the truck does do some damage to the underpass. The crash beam in the underpass actually bends as the truck collides with it.

Sometimes it’s not just the trucks that get damaged, but the stop signs! This clip shows how a truck barely made it through the underpass, but the stop sign on the corner gets completely destroyed by a turning truck.

On some mornings, the turmoil at the 11 foot-8 inch underpass becomes insane. For instance, in this video, the underpass experiences two crashes within the same morning! What are the odds of that! is a weird premise, but it’s uniqueness has created a huge following online. In the following video with Great Big World, Henn talks more in-depth about what is all about.

h/t Great Big Story