Look Inside the “Doomsday Plane” That Follows Trump Wherever He Goes Around the World [VIDEO]

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Protecting President Trump is of the utmost importance for military and government personnel alike. The White House has state of the art defenses located in and around the home of the president, but what if the White House suddenly wasn’t a safe location for the president? Introducing the E-4B Doomsday 747 plane.


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The E-4B plane, or the “National Airborne Operation Centers” as it’s commonly referred to, was first created in 1970 during the Cold War in case of a missile strike aimed at the U.S.

There are four Doomsday planes in the fleet that are all unique in their own right. The planes are similar to Air Force One as each can become the communication hub for the president as needed, but what sets these planes apart is the E-4B’s ability to withstand an EMP or electromagnetic pulse strike.


When you first see the cockpit of the massive 747, your first impression might be how old school it looks compared to the newer state of the art aircraft. There is a good reason for this. Analog controls are less susceptible to an EMP blast.


The 113 crew members, who are tasked with running and maintaining these aircraft, are instructed to have one running at all times 24 hours a day in case of a nuclear catastrophe. If the president needed to evacuate, a plane would be ready. When Trump travels abroad for diplomatic reasons, the E-4B is traveling right behind Air Force One.


As expected, the E-4B can refuel in mid-air and is reportedly able to remain in the air for over a week. So far the longest the plane has been airborne is 30.5 hours when it was flown by the First Airborne Command and Control Squadron of the 595th Command and Control Group, stationed in Omaha, Nebraska.


The plane’s communication methods are also retro, as it sports a wired antenna in case the need arises to speak to nuclear submarines. The president and his top officials including the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are all able to travel with the president in the one-of-a-kind Boeing.


With the recent threats emanating from North Korea, it’s nice to know that the country can continue to function no matter what. Top government officials, including the president, would be protected onboard and able to make critical decisions as needed. If a retaliatory strike is required, it will happen from the E-4B.