Little League World Series Pitcher Praised for ‘Unreal’ Display of Sportsmanship

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One Little League World Series pitcher received massive amounts of praise for his amazing display of sportsmanship. During Friday’s game, Alex Anderson gave up a home run during the fifth inning to Brady Yates. While Yates’ team was thrilled about the hit, they weren’t the only ones who recognized the accomplishment.

The Little League World Series game featured a face-off between Virginia and Rhode Island. Anderson, Rhode Island’s pitcher, was on the mound and rocketed a pitch at Yates, a Virginia player.

Yates connected solidly, and the ball went sailing. The ball cruised through the air between first and second base, right over the outfield fence and into the crowd of spectators.

As Yates sprinted toward first base, his teammates erupted in celebration. However, they weren’t the only ones to congratulate him.

According to a report by Fox News, when Yates began to jog down the third baseline, Anderson made his way over, sticking his glove out and giving Yates a high five.

Anderson’s display of “unreal” sportsmanship quickly drew praise on social media.

Virginia ended up winning the game with a score of 3-0.