Line Worker Uses Verizon Equipment to Rescue a Pet. The Company Suspends Him [VIDEO]

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Maurice German, a Verizon employee, was working in a neighborhood when a resident asked for his help. A cat, named “Momma,” was stranded at the top of a telephone pole, and had been perched there for around 12 hours. German used Verizon company equipment to reach Momma, rescuing her from the telephone pole. Verizon wasn’t thrilled with his choice.

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German was working in Port Richmond, Pennsylvania on Saturday when he was asked to help get the stranded feline down.

He was happy to lend a hand, using a boom lift to reach the top of the pole and save Momma.

The rescue was captured on video, and residents applauded German for his good deed. Momma was safely returned to her owner and was not harmed while she was stuck or during the subsequent rescue.

While most would praise German for lending a hand, Verizon went in a different direction.

Verizon, according to a report by the Daily Mail, suspended German for 15 days because he used company equipment in an unauthorized manner.

“We take no joy in this job action,” said Rich Young, a spokesperson for Verizon. “However, we’re committed and responsible for keeping our employees and customers safe while working in particular areas.”

The telecom giant said all field technicians undergo safety training, which is supposed to keep employees and customers safe.

“Unfortunately,” Young added, “while this employee’s goal was admirable, he potentially put his life and those around him in jeopardy.”

“While our actions may not be popular, it’s in the best interest of our employees and the communities we serve.”

Amanda Boyce, a resident of Port Richmond, said during an interview that a neighbor had attempted to rescue the cat twice, to no avail.

Momma’s owner contacted an animal rescue, the fire department, and the telephone company looking for help as well.

When a resident spotted German working, they decided to ask him for assistance.

After learning of his suspension, two GoFundMe pages were created to raise enough money to match what German would have made over the course of the 15 days he will be suspended.

One GoFundMe campaign, was created by Boyce, which has passed it’s $2,400 goal in one day, securing $2,535 in donations.

The other GoFundMe page was set up by German’s coworker, Keith Morales, read: “The $4,650 goal is the equivalent of the 15 days (3 weeks) pay that Maurice will forgo for simply being a human being looking to help one of our 4 legged friends.”

“Thank you in advance for your donation,” he added, “and please remember that no donation is too small.”

In one day, Morales’ campaign has almost reached its goal, securing $4,265 in donations thus far.