Liberal, Socialist Group Releases “Military Training” Range Day Video

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A group called the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club and Redneck Revolt appears to be an anti-capitalist, anti-USA, pro-socialism group that has made headlines recently, released a video showing their ANTIFA members training in the use of small arms including AR-15’s, AK style rifles as well as a variety of handguns.

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The video shows a large number of group members in the desert outside of Phoenix, Arizona gathered around a table full of guns and ammo as well as an impromptu firing line and downrange targets.

Many of the targets were of Pepe the Frog dressed in various attire.

Gun blogger Bob Owens points out that the group mainly focused on slow, deliberate fire at relatively close range targets considering most were firing full sized rifles. From his post:

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One of the very first things I notice about the video was how close the members of the PJBGC stood to engage their targets. While it’s not uncommon to use carbines to engage targets at 7 yards in carbine classes, that distance is typically chosen to work on very specific skills exploring such topics as mechanical offset, transition drills, recoil management in Bill drills, etc.

Owens also criticized the group for using a rocky hill as a backstop (bullets can ricochet off rocks, creating safety hazards) as well as other safety concerns throughout the video.

Back in March, the same group was seen carrying firearms near a pro Trump rally (although many of those firearms were revealed to be fake). The group also accosted a local reporter who tried to follow them and report on their actions.

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Other left-wing anti-government groups are also seemingly prepared to start arming their members and engaging in firearms training. This post has been making the rounds on social media:

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The video of that incident can be found here:

Here is the full video from the John Brown Gun Club range day: