Liberal Editor Says “Tomahawk” Missiles are Offensive to American Indians. The Internet Responds.

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The internet is doing what the internet does best today in epic fashion. A well meaning editor of a major magazine decided she would seek some social justice and remind all of the war mongers in the Trump administration of their cultural insensitivity regarding Native Americas, who, she tweeted, were offended by the use of “Tomahawk” missiles.

04102017 c1

Clara Jeffery, editor of Mother Jones, tweeted about the horrific cultural appropriation enacted by the profiteers who produce Tomahawk missiles like this: “That the missiles are called tomahawks must enrage a lot of Native Americans.”

General Dynamics, Raytheon, McDonnel Douglas…. Shame on you.

Tomahawk is an anglicized version of the Powhatan word tamahaac. Though there are are eight distinct tribal identities associated with the historical Powhatan tribe, there are very few who claim the cultural heritage today. 3,500 are registered with the state of Virginia, and there may be as many as 20 more who identify as Powhatan, but almost none speak any version of the dialect of the Algonquin language.

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That’s your nickle tour of the etymology, and a good defense for why so few Native Americans have much to say about the issue. Some Native Americans, like the one currently typing this article, find it far more offensive that the editor of Mother Jones assumes that all of the culturally unique groups of Native Americans used tomahawks.

Other Americans (many of whom were not from the Native variety), thought highly enough of Jeffery’s tweet that they responded with tweets of their own.

Tommies everywhere are offended, as are typwriters made in Chicago.

I’m not sure of this, but it sounds reasonable.

I’m 100% sure of this.

She may have seen one at a casino once, in Oklahoma. And she’s seen Dances With Wolves. That counts, right?

Even the Australians are upset for the unupset Natives.

Not all of the tweeters are right, exactly. This statement is positively ludicrous. Unless you define “war” as dudes dressing up in red coats and marching in straight lines. The Native Americans didn’t do that. But no one knows who first whacked whom with a rock on a stick. That’s been lost to history.

Looks like the Natives, all of whom are Apache, Sauk, Chinook and Powhatan have a lot to worry about.

Ouch. Warren. Didn’t she offend some Native Americans by claiming she was a Native American, even though she wasn’t?

There’s a lesson here for Jeffery. She’ll learn it. Or maybe not. The internet hopes she doesn’t learn the lesson, if only for the comedy that follows in Jeffery’s wake.