Lego is Allowing You To Live Out Your Astronaut Fantasy With Their New Apollo Saturn V Set [VIDEO]

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You can build pretty much anything with a Lego set these days. Want a castle? Lego has it. Batman obsession? Lego has what you need. Kids and adults alike enjoy the elaborate projects Lego creates. But their latest project might just be their best. Lego announced the imminent release of the NASA Apollo Saturn V Lego set that is a 100th scale of the original.


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Now, Lego is no stranger to space toys but this behemoth will have even the most veteran Lego connoisseur in awe. Coming in at $119, the Apollo Saturn V will consist of 1,969 individual pieces, which is the same number as the moon landing.


The toy will be the tallest the company has ever built as it stands at one meter high. The Saturn V can even break into three separate parts just like an actual rocket. The box will consist of the Apollo lunar lander, lunar orbiter, and astronauts that are hidden away inside.


The incredible idea came to fruition after  Lego initiated their Lego Ideas submission which was taken by builder saabfun from his Lego-filled mind. Over 10,000 fans upvoted his idea and Lego took it on the challenge.

Since saabfun’s submission was a prototype, the actual version looks a tad different than his original idea but how many people can say Lego used their idea?


The fan submission page is actually a novel idea. Lego designers have to think of new innovative and fun ideas constantly, so giving the fans a chance to shine is a win-win for all.


Space fanatics and advanced Lego builders will surely be in line for the release on June 1st to snag their own personal set so they can recreate at home one of NASA’s largest and most powerful rockets to ever blast into space.


Will this set make one small leap into your collection?