Legendary Marine Corps General is Leading Contender for Trump’s Secretary of Defense

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One of the most legendary Marine Corps generals is being considered for the second highest military position in the country (behind commander in chief of course).

It is being reported by the Associated Press and Marine Corps Times that retired General James Mattis is one of the front runners for becoming the nominee for Secretary of Defense under President Elect Trump’s new administration.


Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, a decorated war-time commander considered a deity by many troops and veterans, is on the short-list to run the Pentagon in the Trump administration, according to media reports.


Mattis is meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump on Saturday, the Associated Press is reporting. Bloomberg reported Friday that Trump is looking at Mattis and retired Army Gen. Jack Keane as possible nominees for defense secretary.


However, if Mattis was to be nominated he would require a waiver from Congress because he has not been out of military service for more than seven years which is a Title 10 requirement.

Huffington Post is currently reporting that the nomination would be more of a wish for the Trump administration rather than a reality, but other sources call Mattis the front runner who has all but been offered the job.


According to his Wikipedia page:

James N. Mattis (born September 8, 1950) is a retired United States Marine Corps general who last served as the 11th commander of United States Central Command. Mattis is known for implementing the COIN strategy. Before President Barack Obama appointed him to replace David Petraeus on August 11, 2010, he previously commanded United States Joint Forces Command from November 9, 2007 to August 2010 and served concurrently as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation from November 9, 2007 to September 8, 2009. Prior to that, he commanded I Marine Expeditionary Force, United States Marine Forces Central Command, and 1st Marine Division during the Iraq War.[4] Mattis retired on May 22, 2013, after 44 years of service.