Legally Armed Military Member Drew Gun During El Paso Shooting and Tried to Save as Many Kids as Possible [VIDEO]

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On Saturday, Glendon Oakley was inside of the Cielo Vista mall, shopping in the Foot Locker, when he heard gunshots. As chaos ignited in the Walmart next door and the mall, he saw children running, many of whom were scared and confused, and possibly fearing for their lives. Oakley stepped up, quickly trying to help the children.

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“It was a whole bunch of kids in there,” said Oakley, according to a report by The Blaze. “I hope nothing happened to the kids. I tried to pick up as many as I could and bring them out with me.”

While speaking with a reporter, Oakley, a licensed gun-owner who was carrying his weapon, stated, “I pulled my gun out.”

“When I hear gunshots, I just think… take cover, save whoever you can.”

Oakley also said that he is a military member.

As the events unfolded, Oakley didn’t put himself first. Instead, he focused on the kids.

“I wasn’t really worried about myself,” he said. “It just brings back flashbacks of, ya know … I just hope those kids are alright, that’s all I’m thinking about right now is those kids. I’m not even worried about myself.”

The gunman opened fire at the El Paso Walmart and shopping mall area, leaving a possible 19 dead and 40 injured.

Several videos emerged as events unfolded, including some posted by witnesses who were in the Walmart or mall area at the time of the shooting.

One suspect, identified as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, is in custody. The shooter’s motive is still unclear, though law enforcement believes that Crusius may have posted a manifesto online before the attack.

A second person was taken into custody as well, though it isn’t immediately clear what their involvement may be, if any.