Lawmaker Proposes Weight and Age Limits For Strippers. The Response is… [VIDEO]

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A state lawmaker in Louisiana this week proposed age and weight limits for strippers in the state.

Under Rep. Kenneth E. Havard’s amendment to a strip club bill, strippers would not be permitted to be over 28 years of age or over 160lbs in weight. [Scroll Down For Video]

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 6.48.54 PM

Havard said he submitted the bill as satire to show how the government regularly attempts to over regulate industries. Specifically, he was targeting a bill that would prevent strip clubs that serve alcohol from hiring dancers younger than 18. His point was that if we’re going to regulate the age of exotic dancers then lets go all out.

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Also Havard, never clarified if his amendment would apply to male strippers or not, so carry on guys.

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Many members of the lawmaking body understood the point Havard was trying to make and laughed along with his presentation of his propsed amendment. However, not everyone in the House took kindly to this form of protest satire.

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Rep. Julie Stokes used the opportunity to get some grievances out in the open. She called for an end to the discussion and said that she hears derogatory comments about women in the House regularly and sees women being treated differently than men. She called for those practices to stop.

Ultimately, Havard withdrew his amendment (since it wasn’t a real amendment in the first place).

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If you want to watch the video of the incident along with some commentary from NowThis, here you go:

Various state senators also reacted to the incident the following day: