Latest McDonald’s Uniforms Have Staff Looking Like Villains from Star Wars

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McDonald’s recently decided to give their uniforms a makeover, but the results aren’t being well received. As reported by Fox 10 Phoenix, they are being described as “dystopian,” “soul-crushing,” and even “existentially depressing” due to the use of a predominately black and gray color scheme. Others have likened the design to Imperial Senate Star Wars costumes.


The new uniforms launched in the US earlier this month. McDonald’s collaborated with designers Waraire Boswell and Bindu Rivas on the design, stating the new employee outfits would “improve the restaurant experience.” Along with the gray on gray tonal design, the new clothing features a convertible denim apron that provides employees with some options regarding their appearance at work.


The fast food giant further claimed the uniform was designed to serve employee needs for both function and fashion, suggesting they easily transition from work to more social environments. McDonald’s also said the collection was created based on feedback from employees and customers, with 70 percent of the surveyed workers believing the new uniform supported a more modern image.


Social media wasn’t as favorable on the designs as the surveyed employees, with many making references to how the design mimicked villains from Star Wars or the characters from the Hunger Games. Here are some highlights of the social media commentary.