Kim Jong Un Feeds Accused Traitor General to Piranha

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It’s no secret that Kim Jong Un is a brutal dictator who rules with an iron fist. This was put on full display after he reportedly killed a high-ranking general who was planning a coup against the “Supreme Leader” by cutting him in several locations, then throwing him into a piranha-filled tank.

The general’s name was not released, but reports from the Daily Star indicate that a giant piranha tank is located inside Jong Un’s home in Ryongsong, Pyongyang. The report indicates that the general was cut deeply on his arms and torso before being thrown into the tank.

It is unknown whether the general was dead before he was thrown into the piranha-infested waters or if he drowned in the process.

According to United Kingdom Intelligence, there are suggestions that Jong Un took inspiration for the killing from a James Bond’s 1965 “You Only Live Twice” film. In that movie, Blofeld, who is a staple Bond villain, killed his assistant by throwing her into a pool full of piranhas.

“The use of piranha is classic Kim,” a UK intelligence official told the Daily Star. “He is all about using fear and terror as a political tool. Whether or not the use of piranhas is an efficient way of killing someone won’t bother him.”

The group added: “He wants everyone to know, including his most trusted aides, that they are at risk of suffering a very unpleasant death if he suspects they are treasonous. He has executed members of his own family and killed senior government officials for not clapping loudly enough during one of his speeches.”

As previously mentioned, Jong Un has killed quite a few of his aides. Reports vary on the exact number murdered, but it is believed that at least 16 aides who spoke against him were killed. The Daily Mail reported Jong Un has used an anti-tank gun to kill a traitor before as well.

Jong Un also reported killed Kim Hyok Chol, who was a part of his envoy to the United States in May. Chol was reportedly killed for “betraying the supreme leader” and “being won over to the US.”

He was killed by firing squad the moment they landed back in North Korea.