Kids Who Called NORAD to Track Santa Had a Special Guest Hop on the Phone

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Kids everywhere wait eagerly for Dec. 25 to arrive each year. Weeks of anticipation culminate on Christmas Eve as kids leave milk and cookies for Santa and use NORAD to track his progress throughout the night. This year children who called NORAD were able to speak to a couple of very special guests.

The President and the first lady took time out of their busy days to take calls from children hoping to pinpoint Santa’s exact location.

Members of the press who were allowed to enter the room and take pictures for the special occasion said they heard President Trump ask a child, “What would you like more than anything?”

According to the Daily Mail, the child’s response to the president was unknown until President Trump responded. “Building blocks. That’s what I’ve always liked too,” the business tycoon said. “I always loved building blocks.”

Another child’s response tugged at the heartstrings of the president as he asked for a sentimental gift rather than something materialistic. “So you want your grandma to get out of the hospital?” Trump said. “That’s what your wish is?”

Without missing a beat, President Trump responded back: “That’s great. That’s better than asking for some toy or something, that’s better right?”

President Trump reassured the boy saying, “So your grandma’s gonna be good, OK? She’s gonna be good.”

According to Business Insider, the first lady also spoke to her fair share of children as one journalist reported hearing her tell a child, “as soon as you go to sleep, Santa will be there.” Presumably, the kid had asked how long until Santa would arrive at his house.

In total, President Trump spoke to 11 children while his wife, the first lady, spoke to 10. Imagine the memories the children who spoke to the president or the first lady will have for years to come.