Kidnapper of 9 Yr Old Girl Says He Doesn’t Understand Charges b/c Dad’s Girlfriend Does It Too

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It was a kidnapping case that garnered national media attention. Nine year old Carlie Trent was kidnapped from her school nearly two weeks ago by her uncle, Gary Simpson, who told school officials that the girl’s father had been in an accident. [Scroll Down For Video]


Surveillance video then showed Simpson buying several items at nearby stores that implied he intended to take the girl into a remote area of the Tennessee wilderness.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.02.42 PM

That’s exactly where two local men found Trent, clutching a teddy bear.

Simpson was taken into custody, placed in solitary confinement and issue a $1 million bail. During his first court appearance, Simpson was asked if he understood the kidnapping charge he was facing. He said that he did not, and his response might shed some light on his mental state:

“From what I understand I’m charged with something her dad’s girlfriend does occasionally,” Simpson replied.

Simpson was then escorted out of the courtroom and back to his cell. It’s unclear why Simpson, who had basically unlimited access to the girl, felt the need to kidnap her.

h/t IJ Review