Kid Rock Shooting Foreign Made Grills Out of the Sky is the Video We All Need Right Now

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If you’ve been paying attention to the political jabber coming out of Michigan, you will know that Kid Rock may have a career in politics ahead of him. His name is being mentioned along side that of Ted Nugent for a possible epic-rock-battle senate race.

03142017 a6

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That, though, is sometime in the future. And through we’d really like to watch the circus sideshow style campaign of a joint Nugent/Rock presidential ticket, we have to content ourselves with the circus sideshow antics of grill destruction.

03142017 a8

Kid Rock, who is fronting the American Bada** Grill, has made a rock-star commercial for his new grill. The concept is simple enough. Catapult a Chinese grill through the air, then shoot at it with a shotgun. Then make some inflammatory statements that will later come back to haunt you when debating foreign policy on the political stage.

03142017 a7

“You know what’s American?” Rock’s blonde assistant asks. “Catapulting foreign made grills through the sky and shooting ’em down becasue they stink.”

03142017 a2

“If it’s not made in America like the Kid Rock Bada** Grill, you don’t want it.”

“This is for all you hardworking American bada**es. Let’s go boys!”

“This is what we think of ‘Made in China’!”

“In your face, China.”

George Foreman never shot a grill out of the sky. Perhaps that’s why sales of the former heavyweight’s grills have been lackluster.

03142017 a5

Devotees of American manufacturing will notice that Rock is shooting his Chinese grill with a Benelli M4, a shotgun that’s made in Italy. In your face American shotgun manufacturers.

He also blows some up, courtesy of some binary explosives and the impact from a .50 caliber bullet. And for this, he uses an American made rifle. Boom.