Kid on Anesthesia Turns Into Gangsta Rapper and Talks About Imaginary Trip to Dubai [VIDEO]

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“Dubai was LIITT!” The words of Brandon, who has just broken his arm and is being given anesthesia. [Scroll Down For Video]

This is the latest video of someone under the influence of legal and very necessary drugs going viral. We’re sure this happened all the time in the past, but fortunately we now have smart phones so our idiocy can be recorded for posterity.

In this video, young Brandon apparently takes on the lyrical tone of a gangster rapper and concocts a lifetime of events in his head over the span of a few seconds.

Brandon recounts to the person with the camera, presumably his mother, about how he bought a camel, traveled to Dubai with his “hot ass” wife and kids, and bought “billions of strippers”.

Maybe Brandon is living a secret double life as an international, married, playboy camel dealer and his family is just now learning the truth. Or, you know, drugs.