Kid Caught Keying Cars Attacks The Man Who Stopped Him. It Doesn’t End Well.

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The details for this video are still coming to light. The actual events that preceded this are still uncertain, as is the relationship between the child and the adults in the video. What is on the video is clear, though. The kid has some serious issues. The man who ultimately takes him down displays what many are calling an admirable patience.

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That doesn’t change the fact that a man disciplines a child with force. And these facts, such as they are, have split the reaction of viewers into to camps: the ones who say the kid had it coming and the ones who don’t condone the use of violence.

“Here is the video of the child that was damaging everyone’s cars and Sean tried to stop him, he tried to call his mother to come get him, but of course people post only the part of the video of the child being pushed,” reads the comment on Facebook.

Facebook even notes that the video contains violence toward children, adding that they haven’t taken it down becasue it might help “rescue the child in question.” The kid needs rescuing, for sure, but from himself.

No matter which side of the debate you find yourself on, we can all agree that the child needs help. He seems to be a prime candidate for an old fashioned scared straight program. Help, of the professional variety, is clearly what’s missing in the video.

Now that it is circulating, though, the identities of all concerned will be easily discovered. And the backstory will emerge. It is possible that both the boy and the man could face charges for what’s captured on the video.

At the end, the boy is seen talking to someone who some speculate is his mother. Their conversation is just as revealing as the fight that came before.

(kid) “He went and choked me you ignorant piece of ****.”

(adult) “You need to watch your language. There are children here.”

(kid) “He just F***ing chocked me and threw me on the ground.”

(adult) “I saw what happened.”

(kid) “You didn’t see s***.”

(adult) “I was standing right there and saw everything.”

(kid) “F*** you and you F***ing people and F***ing child abuse. He F***ing started choking me and threw me on the F***ing ground. F*** you lady. F*** you.”

(adult) “You need to step back son.”

(kid) “F*** you, you whore.”

The comments on the imgur page are well worth the read, too. Most of those, though, tend to side with the “the-kid-got-off-easy” side of the debate.