This Texas Cop Received an Honor She Wasn’t Expecting

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A 29-year-old police officer from Katy, Texas stunned those who knew her as a member of local law enforcement by being crowned Miss Texas last week. Shannon Dresser spends much of her time working with the school district police department but also makes time for her beauty queen pageant life.

The students who attend classes in Katy schools knew the current Miss Texas as Officer Dresser, and many were startled to learn that this staple in their community was also a pageant contestant.

During an interview, Dresser said, “When they know me as Officer Dresser and they see me out there sweating and running and taking care of everything that when they find out I have an outside part of me that’s really girly, they’re usually blown away.”

As reported by the ABC 13, Dresser is proud of her accomplishments both as a police officer and as a beauty queen. “I’m really glad I can have those two worlds because I really think it does mold me and ground me because it lets me be who I am,” said Dresser.

She admits facing stereotypes in both her position as a police officer as well as a beauty queen, but considers being true to herself more important than the challenges that may arise, a message she shares with the young people she mentors through various local programs.

Dresser has participated in pageants since childhood partially because it allowed her to showcase her baton twirling skills, and activity she considers a personal passion that also led to a scholarship to attend the University of Hawaii.

Both of Dresser’s parents were police officers with the Los Angeles Police Department, including when was entering pageants as a child.