Justin Bieber Allegedly Punched a Man at Coachella Who Was Choking a Woman

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Musical artist Justin Bieber has grown up in the public spotlight his entire life, and he’s made his share of mistakes along the way. Some prior negative incidents included when he supposedly spit on fans from a balcony and was recorded using racial slurs. But, those days seem to be behind him now.

While attending Coachella in California over the weekend, Bieber was said to have punched and slammed a man up against a wall. The unnamed man, who was reportedly on drugs, had allegedly grabbed a woman by the throat and refused to let go.

TMZ reported that the man in question is thought to have been the woman’s ex. The man was being grabbed by other people nearby as well, attempting to loosen his grip on the woman’s throat. When that failed, Bieber and his friends reported grabbed the man and yelled at him. In turn, the man told them to “Go f*** yourself.”

At that point, the man loosened his grip and the woman was able to free herself.


The La Quinta Police Department quickly came to the scene but would not comment on whether Bieber was involved in the incident. Fox News reported that the woman refused to press charges and did not have any marks on her.

“Investigating officers responded to the residence where the alleged battery occurred but were unable to locate any witnesses or evidence of a battery,” a spokesperson for the police department said.

Bieber’s social media accounts have not hinted at being involved in the altercation. He has only been seen dancing and living it up with his friends.

TMZ claimed that the man was later thrown out of the festival and was reportedly seen chasing after an SUV that Bieber was thought to have been in. This has not been substantiated. The man was eventually arrested hours after the incident.